Pre- Primary Section

The academic session for Nursery, Lower K.G. and Upper K.G. classes is divided into three terms.

  1. First Term from April to July.
  2. Second Term from August to November.
  3. Third Term from December to March.

Term-wise assessment will be made of learner’s development in areas of learning like: acquiring knowledge, understanding of concepts, application and creativity.

Children will be assessed in English, Maths ,Hindi, EVS , G.K. and Drawing &Craft. G.K. will include contents of Moral values also.

The assessment grades will be reflected in the Progress Report card. Each subject will carry 100 marks.

The Gradation scale is as follows:

Gradation Scale
A1 Outstanding 94.6% and above
A Excellent 84.6% to 94.5%
B1 Very Good 74.6 to 84.5%
B Good 64.6% to 74.5%
C1 Average 55.6 % to 64.5%
C Fair 35% to 54.5%