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Vision and mission

To develop future leaders.

Our diverse student body and talented staff will be drawn from many nations. Our educational approach will be relevant, innovative and inspiring, built upon values which have anchored the school.

The mission behind this school is to provide a systematic and holistic education opportunity to students. To prepare dynamic and caring citizens who will meet the challenges of a global society while retaining their traditional values. A major advantage to make your child study in our school is that your child will likely to be challenged to a higher academic standard.


Respect in the classroom encompasses more than the interaction between students and the teacher. An atmosphere of mutual respect means that students also treat each other properly.


We Create a Classroom Culture of Responsibility. We ensure students have clear directions and deadlines for their assignments, plenty of resources to support their learning, and feedback to guide their progress.


Having students develop habits of honesty will help them be more honest people. Do not wait for a situation to occur in the classroom to remind your students to be honest. Talk to them daily or weekly about how important it is to always tell the truth.


We design verious Kindness Activities for Elementary Students, Preschoolers, and Middle class student Schoolers.