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Co-ed School

School life is indeed the most beautiful and memorable part of our life. It is the school that helps an individual in making an impact in life, which is not just related to academics but also the environment which helps in behavioral and mental development. As such, studying in a co-ed School has a massive impact on our lives.

BIS Mission

Helps to boost

BIS is also a co-ed Boarding School, where students learn to cope easily with any issue. We don’t have any bar on discussions in our classroom. We can say, cross-gender communication in co-education, like BIS, helps to boost one’s confidence. Also, the opposite gender learns to respect each other and to treat others with equality.

Benefits of Co-educational Schooling

While there are separate schools for girls and boys in India, co-ed schools have their own pros which make them more popular. According to data shared by the Delhi Government, co-ed schools have higher pass percentage in board exams rather than separate schools for boys and girls.

Co-ed Schools are still in demand due to the fact that they boost the self-esteem of teenagers, a time where interaction with the opposite gender is important for personality development. Cross-gender interaction plays an important role in shaping an individual’s persona. Single-gender school students find it difficult to cope up with the new environment.