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Health & Nutrition

Health and nutrition programme is to make sure students get the best facilities and nothing stops them. BIS ensures timely support and preventive measures to improve the health of school students, which can be associated with their cognitive development, learning and academic performance. So, BIS makes it a priority to provide them all the care they may need. A qualified and prominent doctor provides daily supervision.

Track the performance

In BIS, the catering department along with the qualified nutritionist insurance a well-balanced diet of vegetarian food the elaborated menu is changed regularly in consultation with the kitchen community members comprising staff and students.

Directions by CBSE for student safety:

There is a proper facility for safe drinking water with an adequate number of water taps for all the students located at convenient points within the building. Water filters / purifiers are available with water quality that is tested periodically.

As the school has separate functional washrooms for boys and girls, complete hygiene is maintained using disinfectants and cleaning materials that are kept away from the reach of students.