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The new academic session 2021-2022 has commenced with fervour, exuberance, commitment and dedication. The entire school is geared up to facilitate the teaching and learning process. In our endeavor to map the academic excellence with good human values and the holistic development of students, we at Baddi International School, Baddi always strive to keep ourselves updated and apprised with the ever evolving system of education. At the same time, the school will be incorporating all the measures introduced by CBSE which is as follows:
As the CBSE affiliated schools are required to follow the NCERT syllabus in the upper primary stage, uniformity in the assessment structure, examination and issue of report cards across all the affiliated schools is felt necessary from class VI to VIII. The detail components of the scheme are mentioned below for easy understanding and implementation.

Scholastic Area: The assessment structure and examination for classes VI to VIII have been prepared in the view of the provisions of RTE-Act 2009 and comprises of two terms i.e. Term-I and 2 as explained below:

  • Subjects Term-1 (100 marks)

    (1st half of the session)

    20 marks periodic Assessment + 80 marks for Half Yearly Exam 

    Term-2 (100 marks)

    (2nd t half of the session)

    20 marks periodic Assessment + 80 marks for Half Yearly Exam

    Language-1 PA 20 Marks Half Yearly Exam PA 20 Marks Yearly Exam








    Social Science



    Any other Subjects

    • Periodic Test

    10 marks with

    Syllabus covered till    announcement of test dates by school.


    • Note Book submission 5 marks at term-end



    • Sub Enrichment 5 marks at term end



    • Written exam for 80 marks with syllabus covered till announcement of Half Yearly exam dates by school
    • Periodic Test

    10 marks with syllabus covered till

    Announcement of test dates by school


    • Note Book submission 5 marks at term-end


    • Sub Enrichment 5 marks at term end


    Written exam for 80 marks with syllabus covered

    in  second term

Subject Enrichment Activities: These subject specific activities are aimed at enhancing the understanding and skills of the students. These activities will be conducted throughout the year and shall be evaluated at the term end. To develop effective speaking and listening skills in language, activities such as recitation, role play, declamation, picture reading and debate shall be carried out. Hands-on activities, Lab work and Project work shall be conducted in Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

Co-Scholastic Activities: For the holistic development of the students, the students shall be graded in Work Education, Visual and Performing Arts, Health and Physical Education. Aspects such as regularity, sincere participation, output and teamwork shall be the criteria for grading the co-scholastic activities.

Discipline: The students will be graded term wise for discipline, based on factors such as attendance, sincerity, behaviour and values.

Report Card: The Report card, at the conclusion of each term will reflect the cumulative result of both terms. All marks will be reflected to one decimal place.

We appreciate all possible support and unflinching cooperation as we moved ahead into a new academic session.

    1. Remodelled assessment structure effective from the Academic Year 2021-22 for
      Class X
    Total 100 marks (Syllabus for assessment will be only Class-X)
    Subjects 80 Marks
    (Board Examination)Student has to secure 33% marks out of 80 marks in each subject
    20 Marks (Internal Assessment)
    Student has to secure 33% marks out of overall 20
    marks earmarked in each subject
    Periodic Test
    (10 Marks)
    (5 Marks)
    Subject Enrichment
    (5 Marks)
              (i)                  (ii)           (iii)
    Language 1 Board will conduct Class-X Examination for 80 marks in each subject covering 100% syllabus of the subject of Class-X only.

    Marks and Grades both will be awarded for Individual subjects.

    9-point grading will be same as followed by the Board in Class X.

    Periodic written Test, restricted to three in each subject in an Academic Year.

    Average of the best two tests to be taken for final marks submission

    This will cover:

    •  Regularity
    •  Assignment Completion
    •  Neatness & upkeep of notebook
    Speaking and listening skills
    Language 2 Speaking and listening
    Science Practical Lab work
    Mathematics Maths Lab Practical
    Social Science Map Work and Project